Wild Saffron opened its doors in 2008, making specialty gourmet supplies available to ‘foodies’ in the Clare Valley. It quickly earned a swag of accolades, along with a reputation as the hub for outstanding coffee, delicious cakes and heart-warming hospitality in Clare.

In June 2016, Marion and Catie Bartholomaeus took over Wild Saffron as a new family venture. With their love and passion for food it was a good fit. We have established a good team who thrive on being able to present fresh food that everyone enjoys.

And of course, there’s the unbeatable Rio espresso coffee.  As most locals know, Wild Saffron is the Clare Valley’s answer to your caffeine craving. You can always count on a cup of fresh coffee and a welcoming space to catch up with friends, read the daily newspaper…or have a chat with Catie and Marion.

Email Catie with any suggestions or questions about Wild Saffron.